An opportunity to taste delicacy of the region…

We offer a variety of services to ensure all customers at SHIMA BOAT HOUSE
to experience local food ingredients.
And we also provide catering services upon request.
It is an opportunity of life time to experience true taste of Mie Prefecture
under its magnificent natural environment.


  • ●Reservation must be made for food ingredient services at least 5 days in advance.
  • ●Please specify the number of sets, quantity and delivery time at the reservation form under the BOOKING Page or via e-mail.
    ※ Please feel free to contact us any time since the quantity can be arranged based on the number of customers.
  • ●When you are forced to cancel the reservation due to unavoidable circumstances, you may be subject to fees if the grace period for cancellation has expired or the food ingredients under reservations may be shipped to your address
    (shipping charge collectible on delivery).



BREAD SET焼きたてパンセット

We will deliver freshly baked bread from『Marusen Store』.
Prepare freshly baked bread in the morning according to the amount and menu you require.
The photo is a temporary image.


※ The contents may change depending on the season. Please contact us by phone.
Delivery time is either 5:30 to 6:00 or 9:00.


TEL: 0599-45-0011 (8:00~18:00) ※Irregular holiday
Order due date: Please order 2days in advance of the delivery date.


You can purchase a gift set of meats
of Mie Prefecture carefully selected by 『Uda Meat』,
a meat wholesaler and retailer.

TEL: 0599-43-1361 (10: 00-18: 00)
Order due date: Please order three days in advance of the delivery date.


MIE BBQ MEAT SET (per person)三重県産BBQお肉セット(1名様分目安)


Matsuzaka beef ribs: 80g
Matsuzaka beef innards: 80g
Kenko pig ribs: 80g
Ise chiken thigh: 80g
BBQ source


DOMESTIC BBQ MEAT SET (per person)国産BBQお肉セット(1名様分目安)


Beef loin: 80g
Beef innards: 80g
Pork ribs: 80g
Chiken thigh: 70g
Wiener: 2



MATSUSAKA BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK (about 180g)松阪牛サーロインステーキ(約180g)

Matsusakagyu sirloin steak carries the Class A4〜5.




ONE POUND STEAK (australia)ワンポンドステーキ(オーストラリア産)

It is strongly recommended for those who hope to eat meats as much as possible rather than merely going for sirloin.
This thick and wild meat is great for BBQ as well♪


Cube roll steak about 450g



三重の幸 海鮮BBQセット


We will deliver a set of fresh seafood BBQ that is provided by『 Maruyoshi Store』
We will deliver Mie prefecture seafood barbeque set fresh!
We will supply you deired amount depending on your budget and will focus on seasonal fresh fish at that time.


※ Contents may change depending on the season. Please contact us by phone.


TEL: 0599-43-2860 (8:00~18:00) ※Closed on Wednesday
Order due date: Please order 1days in advance of the delivery date.



Fresh fish fillet of the highest quality is provided by『 Maruyoshi Store』
The size of yakatabune (a leisure boat with a rooftop)
may change subject to the amount you wish to pay.
The service above will complement your party or occasion to celebrate.
The contents of the service will be determined based on the seasonal fish at the time.
The photo is The photo is a representation of the quantity ¥3,000 would provide..


TEL: 0599-43-2860 (8:00~18:00) ※Closed on Wednesday
Order due date: Please order 2 days in advance of the delivery date.

Maruyoshi stores have fresh seafood at that time.
Please make use of BBQ ingredients, dried fish for breakfast, etc during your stay.


A catering service is highly recommended for those who visit SHIMA BOAT HOUSE as a group or for a party. When a number of people get together, we often hear the reviews that customers were unable to fully enjoy the party because a chef in charge is forced to focus only on cooking.
This catering service provided by professional chefs assures customers to leisurely enjoy their stay at SHIMA BOAT HOUSE.
Please be sure to inquire for the service at least 2 weeks in advance.



Enjoy tempura catering by Michelin chef cook, Mr Tobari.
he will cook tempura that Shima’s ingredients the most delicious in front of you.
【Menu example】
Prawn prawns, abalone, sea urchin, shark fin and seasonal vegetables etc.
It will offer meals materials according to your budget.


※ Catering travel expenses : ¥32,400
You can order from total amount ¥108,000 or more.
Please contact us about 1 week in advance as a guide if you wish.
Please understand beforehand that it may not be accepted depending on the reservation situation.

TEL: 0599-77-6103 (11:00〜16:00,17:00~22:00)



A catering service provided by 『Food Design Feel Food』 of Shima using local food ingredients is also available.
Arrangements can be made depending on your budget or menu you want.

WASHOKU Finger food party plan:¥6,000〜/1person

※ The minimum order is 70,000 yens.
Please feel free to contact us for more information since upgrade menus using Matsusakagyu are also available.

TEL: 090-8679-2079



If you have any questions or requests,
please do not hesitate to contact us



※ Reservations by phone are not received.